Exporting to the US

For those Canadian companies who have a product which they feel will be in demand from US consumers, they need to look into the options for exporting. There is a lot to learn about this, and it comes with several rules and regulations. Many different products can be exported from Canada to the United States, but the exporting of each product will have a specific mandate that has to be followed.

Knowing the Rules

One very popular product that can serve a large target market in different countries is software. Large software producers like Microsoft are a major exporter of software globally that do very well. But, many smaller companies produce software in Canada that would be beneficial to consumers in the United States.

Canadians who want to export software that may be considered as encrypted goods will find it easier to export to the US compared to other countries. For other countries, there may be export controls in place. There is a step by step process that can be followed to help businesses who want to export to be able to do so.

  • Canadian companies that want to export must have a business number that allows them to have an import and export account.
  • Where the products being exported originated from must be determined. Some individuals want to import products from other countries then export this to the United States.
  • As an exporter you must learn what goods qualify for exporting into the United States and those which are not allowed. Or, if there are any restrictions on them.
  • Some products require a permit for exporting
  • The Canadian exporter must determine the proper classification of goods following the Harmonized System protocol, or they must obtain a Canadian Tariff classification number if this applies.
  • A report of the products being exported must be made to the Canada Border Services Agency
  • Be aware that the shipped goods may be subject to Canada Border Services inspection. If all the rules and regulations regarding the export of that product are not followed, then fines could be imposed.

Realizing the Importance of Exporting to the United States

The United States is a close trading partner with Canada. There is a great deal of importance for both countries for these activities. Canada enjoys the benefits of exports as it contributes to the overall economy.

The United States Rules

Not only does the Canadian exporter have to comply with the Canadian export rules they must follow the import rules for the US. Canadian companies who are exporting must be aware of;

  • Whether the US has placed any restrictions on the goods being imported
  • A certificate of origin must be present
  • Know what paperwork has to accompany the products
  • Are there any labeling requirements?

Exporting from Canada to the US is not a difficult process.